In the Media

The Conversation „Fake news didn’t play a big role in NZ’s 2023 election – but there was a rise in small lies“ (14 November 2023).

Newsroom “A chance to cut through the fear and find the best of us” (11 October 2023).

1 News “Study reveals which big party has been most negative online” (6 October 2023).

NZ Herald “Election 2023: Major political parties don’t spread porkies, but flirt with half-truths: study” (9 October 2023).

Wellington Scoop “VUW analysis shows more negative campaigning by National” (7 October 2023).

Radio Waatea “Mona Krewel -Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics” (6 October 2023).

The Post “New Zealand’s election rules: Redundant, inconsistent or not too bad? (5 October 2023).

RNZ The Panel “The Panel with Paula Penfold and Steven Jacobi (Part 1)”NZ (4 October 2023).

AM Show/ Newshub “Election 2023: “The National Party and satisfying cake-cutting videos – expert breaks down the link” (18 August 2023).

RNZ Voter targeting tools could impact electoral integrity, disinformation expert says” (7 March 2023).

Stuff “Candidates hiding extremist agendas want to create division, hatred and violence” (August 24, 2022).

Newshub “Newshub Live at 6pm” (August 21, 2022).

Stuff “Editorial: Will this jolt us of our indifference to local body elections?” (August 18, 2022).

The Guardian “New Zealand anti-vax group urges supporters to stand for councils and ‘throw weight around’” (August 16, 2022).

Stuff “Politicians realized too late that the protest was ‘out of control’” (August 16, 2022).

RNZ The Panel “The Panel with Peter Dunne and Anne Dean (Part 2)” (August 15, 2022).

Stuff “Anti-Vaxx group wanting to make NZ ‘ungovernable’ targets local body elections” (August 15, 2022)

Choiceology with Katy Milkman “More than a feeling“ (April 11, 2022).

NZ Herald “Covid 19 ‘Social listening Reports’: Why won’t Government release them?” (March 3, 2022).

The Spinoff “How the Māori Party defied expectations at the 2020 election” (November 14, 2021).

95bFM “The Wire with Justin: International Desk reports on the German federal election.” (October 7, 2021).

Kölnische Rundschau “Keine Experimente! Bonner Haus der Geschichte zeigt rund 100 Wahlplakate von 1949 bis heute“ (June 18, 2021).

RNZ Morning Report “Study finds how politicians used social media during election” (October 28, 2020).

RNZ Mediawatch “Should we fear fake news in our politics?“ (October 25, 2020).

TVNZ BreakfastSocial Media and NZ Political Parties” (October 16, 2020).

Campaign “Facebook cracks down on New Zealand conspiracy theorist’s political party” (October 16, 2020).

NZ HeraldElection 2020: Little fake news, some half-truths in campaign – research” (October 13, 2020).

RNZ Morning ReportElection 2020: researchers identify half-truths on party posts” (October 13, 2020).

Stuff Election 2020: Little fake news, some half-truths in election campaign, researchers say“ (October 13, 2020).

Radio Ngati PorouSocial Media Study” (October 11, 2020).

TVNZ 1NewsAdvance NZ worst offender of fake news on Facebook among parties – election study” (October 9, 2020).

RNZ The PanelStudy reveals which parties post the most ‚fake news‚” (October 9, 2020).

NewshubNZ Election 2020: Which parties‘ Facebook feeds are full of fake news and half-truths revealed in study“ (October 9, 2020).

TVNZ 1 News at Six Majority of New Zealanders don’t want voting age lowered, poll finds“ (October 3, 2020).

ScoopElection Fake News Weekly Report To Monitor New Zealand Campaigning” (September 15, 2020).

RNZ Morning ReportElection 2020: Academics to study NZ social media use” (September 14, 2020).

TVNZ Breakfast Make it 16: Lowering the Voting Age” (August 21, 2020).

The ConversationIs there a feminist response to terrorism (together w/ Sabrina Karim) (April 29, 2019).

Daily MailMerkel to battle to save the Iran nuclear deal and get Trump to back off imposing trade tariffs on EU countries as she visits the White House today” (April 27, 2018).

France 24In Macron’s shadow, Merkel heads to Washington for Trump talks“ (April 27, 2018).

TRT WorldGermany’s Merkel seeks to improve US-Europe ties in Washington visit” (April 27, 2018).

The LocalMerkel in Washington to make Germany heard again” (April 27, 2018).

Europe1Après Macron, Trump reçoit Merkel, „une femme extraordinaire“ (April 27, 2018).

Capital Après Macron, Trump reçoit Merkel, faste et embrassades en moins” (April 27, 2018).

Medill News ServiceEuropean Far Right Likely to Win Big in Upcoming Hungarian Elections” (March 22, 2018).

SEMANA, weekly political magazine La indestronable Angela Merkel avanza hacia un cuarto mandato en Alemania” (September 16, 2017).

KPFK-FM 90.7, Los Angeles, “Background Briefing with Ian Masters” (September 12, 2017).

KPFK-FM 90.7, Los Angeles, “Background Briefing with Ian Masters” (May 07, 2017).

Los Angeles Times Authorities vow to investigate hacking attack in French presidential campaign as voting begins Sunday” (May 06, 2017).

Cornell Daily Sun Panel Discusses Role of Far-Right Populism, Fractured Left in French Elections” (April 28, 2017).

Tagesspiegel140 Zeichen der Zeit [140 Characters]” (January 23, 2017).

Cornell ChronicleRoundtable tries to predict future foreign policy under Trump” (November 14, 2016).

Rheinische PostWahlkampfkosten waren erstmals rückläufig [Campaign Costs Declining for the First Time]“ (September 20, 2013).

SüdwestpresseAufbruch mit Retro-Wahlkampf [Start with Retro-style Campaigning]“ (September 11, 2013).

HandelsblattTV-Wahlwerbung der Parteien: Friede, Freude, Sonnenschein [TV Campaign Ads: Peace, Joy and Sunshine]“ (September 4, 2013).