In the Fall term of 2018 I teach an Undergrad lecture as well as a Graduate method class at Cornell:


GOVT 2293: Politics and Music (undergraduate lecture)

Entertainment forms of political communication such as (popular) music are very often neglected in research of political communication, although (popular) music has a long and varied association with politics. It has provided the soundtrack to political protest and been the object of political censorship; politicians have courted pop stars and pop stars — like Bono of U2 — have acted as politicians. This class will therefore examine the various interaction between (popular) music and politics, and how (popular) music can contribute to our understanding of political thought and action, but also critically reflect upon the effects of (popular) music on people’s political perceptions, attitudes and behavior.


GOVT 6433 Quantitative Text Analysis (graduate seminar)

This course is designed to provide doctoral students in political science with an introduction to advanced quantitative text analysis. Students will learn about different types of content analyses ranging from manual to computer-assisted content analysis techniques. The class will demonstrate, how quantitative text analysis can be a useful tool in analyzing a variety of politically relevant texts (e.g. party manifestos, legislative outputs, social media). It will also provide an opportunity for doctoral students to develop and present their own publishable research based on text analysis techniques. Overall, this class is designed more as a hands-on content analysis workshop with the purpose of achieving a publishable paper than a classical reading and writing seminar.