In the Fall term of 2017 I am going to teach an Undergrad lecture as well as Grad method class at Cornell:


GOVT 3364 Europe in Times of Crisis (Lecture)

This class is designed as a comparative introduction to the governmental systems in Europe, with a concentration on Western European states. Students will gain an introductory knowledge on a selection of European Union (EU) member states as well as become familiar with the history, actors, institutions and outcomes of the European Union. Having gained some basic knowledge on Europe, we will then move on to address some current political issues in Europe including the European debt crisis, the British EU Referendum including the Brexit negotiations following from the referendum and finally the European refugee crisis. Can the European project still be saved? Please note, that the course will also respond flexibly to unforeseen events in Europe.


GOVT 6433 Quantitative Text Analysis (grad seminar)

This course is designed to provide doctoral students in political science with an introduction to advanced quantitative text analysis. Students will learn about all major types of content analyses, including manual, machine learning and automated content analysis techniques as well as methods for analyzing content analysis data. The class will demonstrate, how quantitative text analysis can be a useful tool in analyzing a variety of politically relevant texts (e.g. party manifestos, legislative outputs, social media). It will also provide an opportunity for doctoral candidates to present recent work based on text analysis techniques.